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Six Vet Tech Interview Questions to Expect

October 3, 2014 Veterinary Technology 0 Comments

If you're lucky enough to score an interview for a veterinary assistant job, you want to impress potential employers with your knowledge. The best way to do that is to be prepared with answers and scenarios that show your grasp on the industry and ability to deal with the day-to-day duties of the role. Here are some vet tech interview questions that you should be prepared to answer at your next interview.

Six Vet Tech Interview Questions to Expect1. What Are Some Rewarding Experience You've Had With Animals?

The intent behind this question is to determine if you appreciate animals in general, not just dogs and cats. Talk about some of your personal animal experiences, whether looking after your pet turtle when you were a child or finding an injured bird and nursing it back to health. If one particular incident or pet was responsible for your love of all animals, be sure to share that story and explain why it had such an impact on your life. Anyone can profess a love of animals, but the interviewer wants to see if you really mean it and share a connection with them.

2. How Do You Feel About Cleaning Up After Animals?

Veterinary clinics have their fair share of "dirty work," but in this case, it means you will need to clean up after sick animals regularly. The employer wants to know if you are squeamish about such tasks. Again, actual examples of you performing that task will help. Did you volunteer at a stable to clean up after horses? Were you responsible for cleaning the fish bowl, walking the dog and scooping the cat litter? An animal lover knows that duties such as these are a part of being a pet owner or animal carer.

3. How Do You Feel About Performing Duties That Aren't Part of Your Job Description?

The interviewer is looking for staff members who can function as a team and pitch in to help during busy times, even if the duties involved aren't in the official job description. A vet tech will often be asked to answer phones, meet clients, hand out brochures or do research online. Answer the question in such a way that shows you can take the initiative in lending a hand where it is needed and that you consider it all a part of your role.

4. How Do You Think You'll Feel When We're Required to Euthanize an Animal?

This is a difficult part of a vet tech's job, and you can acknowledge that in your response. The interviewer is hoping that you show understanding about the need for such a process and that you will put the needs of the pet and the owners above your own discomfort or emotions. Making sure a pet is comfortable and that you are there for the owners is important.

5. How Would You Handle a Scared Animal?

A suffering animal may be aggressive and try to bite unfamiliar people who are trying to help it. Share your techniques for dealing with these situations to assure the employer that you can safely treat animals despite their fear.

6. How Would You Perform This Procedure?

Be prepared to tell how you would perform a urinalysis and dental prophylaxis, along with how you would take images and collect tissue samples. Rehearse talking about each procedure, describing it step by step in a logical manner.

With a little forethought, you can be prepared for many of the vet tech interview questions that come up in job interviews.

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