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A Dog, a Vet Tech and Pet Boarding

May 30, 2014 General 0 Comments

A Dog, a Vet Tech and Pet BoardingAs soon as the little dog saw his owner gather his leash and favorite toys, he knew something was up. He never liked to ride in her car, and even the toys didn't help. But having no choice in the matter, he sat quietly in the back seat on his way to what would be his first pet boarding experience.

At the Veterinarian's Office

The dog was delighted to discover he'd arrived at the veterinarian's office. Some dogs dread trips to the vet, but not this one. He was excited to see special people who always treats him kindly and is aware of what he needs. The veterinary technician at this office knows what she's doing, and the dog trusts her. His tail wags even faster and he strains his leash when he sees her, pulling his owner behind him. He likes seeing the vet, but his favorite part comes at the end of the visit when the vet tech gives him a treat for being a good boy!

Veterinary Technicians

The vet tech is a skilled professional because, although the dog doesn't know it, she graduated from an excellent college course right there in his home town of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Much of what the dog likes about the vet tech are skills she learned in the program. He likes:

  • the way she greets him and comforts his nervous owner when they walk in the exam room.
  • how she uses a predictable routine to gather information to find out what he needs.
  • her method of handling him gently but knowingly.
  • that after visiting the veterinarian and vet tech, his owner always seems to know how to take care of him and make him feel better.

Pet Boarding

This visit is different from the others. The vet tech isn't weighing him and she's not asking her owner many questions. The dog is a little confused when the vet tech coaxes him to a room with a long row of kennels filled with dogs and cats. He has never seen this room before, and is a bit scared, but the other dogs bark happily at him. The tech gingerly lays the dog's toys on his favorite blanket within the cage, and rewards him with two treats when he trustingly — and according to the vet tech, "so bravely" — hops in.

The little dog's first day of pet boarding was little different from the rest. Content with sleeping for hours, he looked forward to the visits from his favorite vet tech and others who fed him regularly and took him outside. The pet boarding wasn't so bad except for one thing — when his owner came to pick him up a week later, he realized just how much he missed her!

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons


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