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Nursing Careers: Five Signs that You Will Succeed

February 19, 2014 General 0 Comments

Nursing Careers: Five Signs that You Will SucceedNursing careers are not easy. On any given day, a nurse can see any number of injuries and bodily fluids. But a career in nursing is also very rewarding. Do you have what it takes? Here are five signs that you should be a nurse.

1. You Want to Know "Why?"

When something doesn't seem right, you can't let it go until you figure out why. Nurses take this quality to another level. When they see a patient's blood pressure dropping or temperature increasing, they can't let it go until they find out why and get it fixed. If a patient is acting irritable and withdrawn, a nurse's job is to find out what is going on and to help them feel better.

2. Blood? Vomit? Stool? No Problem!

Some people faint at the sight of blood, but you try to get a closer look. Vomit and human excrement are certainly gross, but they don't make you gag — they just need to be dealt with. Everybody poops, right? That phrase takes on a new meaning as a nurse, as each patient's bowel habits need to be taken into consideration. Colostomy bags, briefs, ambulating patients to the bathroom: All are in the realm of the nurse's responsibilities. Sick people throw up, post-surgical wounds bleed, blood must be drawn — nurses take all this in stride while trying to keep a patient as clean and dry as possible. It's hard work, but it is fulfilling to tuck a clean patient into a dry, crisp set of sheets.

3. You Are Fascinated by the Human Body

Learning about how the body reacts to disease, how it heals itself and how it functions from day to day is your favorite subject. Elementary school cartoons about the immune system attacking invading germs seemed real to you. Nurses must have a deep understanding of anatomy and physiology, as well as human pathophysiology. While this may seem intimidating, remember: You're really only discovering more about what already interests you in the first place.

4. You Care About People

Family members, friends, strangers, characters on your favorite TV shows: all of them are deserving of your concern. You want to take care of them, help them when they feel sad or hurt and make things all better. Other people would shrug off such concerns, but you just can't walk away when someone is hurting. Nurses care for the physical and emotional needs of complete strangers every day.

5. You Like to Be Busy, Busy, Busy

Coasting through an easy day at work is not your style, and it makes the day drag on forever. A busy day with many tasks to complete, people to talk to and places to go is your favorite kind of day. The more going on around you, the more energized and motivated you feel. Ask any nurse and he or she will tell you that nurses are busy. They care for an average of four patients, each with their own medications, medical scans and doctor visits, not to mention new patient intake, discharges and all the necessary charting. Some people can get overwhelmed and stressed out by the workload, but others are excited by the challenge.

While there are some nursing careers that aren't quite as busy — and some that never see bodily fluids — every nurse will care for strangers and try to help them. As you can see, it takes a special kind of person to be a nurse and provide the best possible care to every patient. Are you one of them?

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons.


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