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Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Diagnostic Medical Sonography is a medical procedure that uses ultrasound to produce visual images of organs, tissues, or blood flow inside the body. A diagnostic medical sonographer is a highly-skilled professional who uses specialized equipment to create sonograms or ultrasound scans of structures inside the human body that are used by physicians to make a medical diagnosis.

Sonography can be used to examine many parts of the body, such as the abdomen, pelvis, female reproductive system, prostate, heart, and blood vessels. The student will have the opportunity to study anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology of scanned organ systems, recognize the sonographic patterns of the organs, learn protocols for a logical and thorough survey of the organs, and provide accurate and technical findings to the interpreting physician. Sanford-Brown’s diagnostic medical sonography courses will prepare you a career in this exciting and growing field.

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