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SBI New York City 35th Annual Commencement Ceremony

June 28, 2013 SBI-New York, Alumni, General 0 Comments

Andrea does not spoil NY celebration

Sanford Brown New York City Andrea Does Not SpoilThe first named storm of the 2013 hurricane season made its way up the eastern seaboard just in time for the Sanford-Brown New York City 35th annual Commencement ceremony held at Hunter College on Friday, June 7th. They say timing is everything and this “perfect storm” arrived in the city just two hours before graduation and continued until a few hours after the ceremony closed dropping 5 inches of rain in the short time period and bringing wind gusts of 40MPH. Andrea was downgraded to a “post-tropical storm cyclone” before hitting the area but it did not dampen the spirits of almost 400 graduates attending the commencement as well as nearly 2,000 family, friends, and guests.

Emotions were high as students reveled in their accomplishments at the same time they tried to stay dry and out of harm’s way of the storms drenching rains and high wind gusts. The ceremony was highlighted by musical contributions from two current Sanford-Brown students. Raymond Torres started the ceremony singing and playing guitar as the initial procession entered the auditorium. Ray led a perfect rendition of the Sanford-Brown school song “Where Goodness Lies”. Damaris Inness sang the national anthem and brought the house down with an amazing performance and tons of cheers from SB graduates.

Sanford-Brown New York President Gary Apito delivered his welcoming address to the Class of 2013 and introduced Key Note Speaker Dr. Jonathan Mays, the Director of Metropolitan Hospital. Dr. Mays spoke of the importance of continued education throughout your career and inspired the group with many stories of his personal professional experiences.

One of the most stirring speeches of the night for graduates was the valedictorian address by DMU student Victoria Tavarez. Victoria spoke of her experience at SB New York from start to finish and recognized an abundance of Sanford-Brown team members who contributed to her success. Each of the staff named mentioned received acknowledgment from the graduates. The entire address is included below.

“It was an inspiring event” said President Gary Apito. “This celebration reinforces our mission. To see most of our students dealing with tremendous adversity and challenges and persevere and graduate is really heartwarming and so satisfying for our team.”

Class of 2013 Sanford-Brown New York City Valedictorian Speech-Victoria Tavarez-DMU

Wow… For as long as I can remember, I’ve always dreamed of this opportunity, to be able to stand up here, face the crowd and present an enlightening speech.

This is truly a special day, for all of us. We have all worked so hard and tried our very best, despite the infinite amount of challenges and obstacles along the way. Many of you deserve to be up here just as much as I do and I really hope to do you all justice as I speak on your behalf.

Our journey began with Admissions, with bounds of information and packets and paperwork. Promises were made that our visions of becoming part of medicine were truly possible if only we sign along the dotted line. That was our ticket to living the dream. And so we signed, and moved right along. Thank you to all the Admissions staff for being so darn persistent and convincing, for taking the time to explain and persuade and tour the campus. Thank you especially to my personal Admissions rep, Alex Sorokin, for being fabulous at your job and never forgetting my name or who I was.

Next stop was the Finance department because, as optimistic as we'd all like to be, in the end, it always comes down to money. Thank you to the advisors in the finance department for making sure we got our finances under control and knew how to move forward. Thank you for being so calm, patient and nice, even when you had to repeat yourselves a million times until we finally "understood."

And once we “understood,” we found ourselves sitting in class, swiveling around in our chairs, anxiously waiting to be trained and educated. I’d like to thank all of our teachers that have made it possible for us to be here today, wearing a cap and gown, owning a piece of paper that substantiates our skill and knowledge. Without these professional, extremely knowledgeable, proficient instructors, this would not be possible. A huge thank you especially to the teachers that I had the opportunity to learn from, those who inspired me to believe in myself and to gain confidence, those who challenged me, encouraged me, pushed me to the limit. Thank you Dr. Malana for staying by our sides; demanding only our best, each and every time; for making class interesting; for requiring us to give presentations each and every mod; for teaching us to always go “to the left, to the left” like the Beyoncé song; for always changing groups in lab class in an attempt to make us work well with others; for helping us identify organs and muscles and bones and vessels, even when in actuality it was all just a blur of black, white, and grey on the ancient machines; and lastly, for making us laugh, and sometimes cry, with all your wonderful jokes. Maybe one day our class will finally remember to bring you a big tub of your favorite Haagen-Dazs Blueberry Crumble! And of course, thank you so much to Dr. Pastor, Dr. Bella and Dr. Siddique for supporting us from the start and helping us become smarter, acquiring skills that we never thought we had.

Polishing those skills, we frequented the library, making sure to sign on to SIMPRO and compete with one another, taking the same practice tests over and over and over again. Thanks to our librarian, Mr. Mathew Fortino, for putting up with our defeated groans and victorious cheers.

When we couldn’t seem to log on to the student portal for the umpteenth time, IT was always willing to come to our rescue, although in actuality we just needed to remember our darn password and sign on more frequently. Thank you to Lenus George and Lian Williams for being so tech-savvy and helpful.

Just when we thought it was over and we’ve learned it all, filling our brains to its capacity, our Clinical Coordinators insisted that we learn some more and venture out into the real world. And so we got placed into hospitals and clinics and private practices, adapting to our new careers as medical professionals, proving to ourselves as well as our educators that we did in fact learn something and we can handle our patients concerns. Thank you especially to Dr. Irina Dok and Pamela Bonner for being amazing women who handled all of the negotiations and arrangements with finesse and expertise. You were both so helpful and willing to bend this way and that way, pull every string possible, just so that we got the site we had our eyes on.

Finally, once all of our timesheets were filled in and our evaluations complete, we headed to Registrar where it was confirmed that we were in fact done! I’d like to thank them for being so organized with our paperwork and insistent on our deadlines. Thanks for being funny and carefree, filling the office with Nadia’s stern but endearing approach, Yisene’s infectious laugh and Johnny’s delicious cologne!

Thank you to everyone at Career Services for getting our resume’s together and sending them out in hopes of giving us all what we really came here to achieve, a job!

Thank you to Dr. Peerzade for always smiling and offering words of wisdom.

Lastly, I would like to thank our president, Mr. Gary Apito. When he came into office, the change was evident. Thank you for being such an involved and enthusiastic president, one who believes in this school and its students. You've always shown interest in our opinions and acted on our feedback. We hope that you continue to inspire and encourage future students and continue to make Sanford-Brown a respectable name.

As we look around, it is evident that a bond has formed between us all. This bond grew from our first day as we sat awkwardly smiling at one another, hoping to become friends. We have, in fact, become friends; I can tell you that from experience. I had the fortune of meeting many wonderful and loyal people. I will truly miss our study groups, cram sessions, shared lunches, coffee breaks and equal tastes in scandalous literature. My friends and classmates have made the year fly by and I can honestly say I enjoyed every minute of it!

In conclusion, I would like to greatly and deeply thank our support systems away from school. Thank you to all of the parents, siblings, grandparents, extended family, spouses and children of ours for putting up with our angst and impatience and perseverance. Thank you for your unconditional love and support!

Congratulations to all of us for a job very well done! As McDreamy always says, “It's a beautiful day to save lives! Let's have some fun!” So let’s do just that! Let’s go out and be the best that we could be and help the most that we could help!

Thank you!


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