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Top Seven Nursing Student Study Tips

July 31, 2014 Nursing, General 0 Comments

Your path to a rewarding career as a nurse may involve several semesters of classwork. Since some courses will challenge you, it is important to devise an effective learning method and stick with it. The following nursing student study tips will give you a solid system for preparing for exams and will help you to be successful in acquiring your credentials.

Sanford Brown Top Seven Nursing Student Study Tips1. Don't Procrastinate

Keeping up with your day-to-day coursework prevents the need for cramming right before a test. Waiting until the last minute to study produces stress, and anxiety is counterproductive to learning. Take time to commit to memory the material presented in each lecture, and do any assigned reading before your next class. If you're diligent and consistent, you won't need to stay up late burning the midnight oil before an exam.

2. Pick an Environment Conducive for Learning

One hour of focused, distraction-free studying is worth several hours of interruption-plagued studying. Select a quiet spot away from TV, music and chattering roommates. An ideal place is the campus library. However, try to find a spot in one of the cubicles so passersby won't hinder your concentration. Turn off your cell phone and stay in your spot until you are caught up with your day's work.

3. Consider Joining a Study Group

A study group shouldn't take the place of your daily study routine, but it can be helpful to meet up with your classmates several times during the semester to quiz each other. Though studying alone is more efficient, learning your classmates' strengths and weaknesses can help you focus on your own. If you make sure your study group is dedicated to serious studying, not socializing, it can be a wonderful support system.

4. Make Studying a Priority

When you want to watch a movie or just spend time hanging out with your friends, be sure to get your studying done first. If you postpone your study time for later in the night, you will likely feel tired and it will take longer to complete. Conversely, if you complete your lessons before you socialize, you can enjoy your time off with a freer mind.

5. Keep the Big Picture in Mind

Like any student, you may occasionally experience times when your motivation lags and your commitment wavers. When this happens, keep the big picture in mind and think about the reason you are investing all this time studying. Envision yourself in your future dream job as a nurse going through your daily routine. When you think of the fulfilling work that lies ahead, you will be reminded of how worthwhile these years of preparation are.

6. Develop a Healthy Lifestyle

One of the biggest enemies of studying is fatigue. To combat this, engage in healthy lifestyle practices that will keep you energized, such as adequate sleep and regular exercise. Eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables and low in red meat, sugar and fat. Everyone needs a social outlet and relaxation, so make time to visit with friends and do something fun.

7. Try Study Aids

This tip is optional, but some students find study aids to be helpful. You can purchase pre-made flashcards on a specific topic, or make your own. Another idea is to record lectures and listen to them at home when you are cooking dinner. In your last year of study, purchase a NCLEX review book to look over in your spare time.

Most nursing student study tips revolve around discipline, since pursuing an education in this field requires an extensive amount of time and effort. Yet when you consider the lifetime of rewards you will reap from it, the work involved in acquiring an associate degree in nursing will seem minuscule in comparison.

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